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It’s 3 AM on a Saturday morning, and I’m jolted awake by the sound of my dad entering my room. The light flicks on, blinding me as I groggily rise from my bed. His voice breaks the silence, instructing me to get dressed for a hunting trip. Still half-asleep, I comply, fumbling for my clothes in the bright light. He checks if I’m ready, and though I am, confusion clouds my mind as we make our way to the truck.

As we drive in silence, I struggle to stay awake, watching the lights blur past outside. Curiosity finally gets the better of me, and I ask my dad where we’re headed. He explains that we’re going to my uncle’s house to join him on a hunting trip. With no previous hunting experience, I’m uncertain of what to expect. Then, a crucial question arises, one that will stick with me for years to come: where exactly are we hunting? My dad’s response – “I don’t know, mijo, but we’ll be hunting on somebody’s property.”

That day marked my first hunting trip, a memory etched in my mind for over 23 years. Now, at 33, my passion for the outdoors knows no bounds. Hunting, fishing, off-roading – these activities define me as a person, shaping my identity. Amidst my regular 8-to-5 job, I dedicate my free time and resources to my true passion: the outdoors.

Like many average sportsmen, I navigate the challenges of securing land, time, and funds for my outdoor pursuits. Hunting locations are scarce, but through connections with friends, farmers, ranchers, and access to TPWD public lands, I cherish moments in the great outdoors with loved ones.

Every hunter dreams of bagging the biggest buck, landing the largest fish, or encountering the most exotic game. Yet, the journey to that dream is just as significant. The camaraderie, the victories, the losses – these experiences make being an average sportsman extraordinary.

So, whether you’re in the blind with family, friends, or neighbors, remember that the memories forged in the wilderness are as precious as any trophy. And as you sit in anticipation, remember the journey that brought you there, for it’s the essence of being an average sportsman.”