Arnold LaCount

Hunting History

As a young lad, Arnold grew up fishing on Falcon Lake.This is where he fell in love with fishing and the outdoors. With all this time on the water, he began his skill setting for a captain at an early age. Later in his years he, started hunting and found that his passion was definitely for the outdoors. So in 2001, he decided that he would share his passion with his clients. He makes an extra effort in scouting and planting food plots, so your hunt will be successful. Sounds really simple right? Well he manages and runs over 17,000 acres spread out over 6 ranches and several counties! The largest ranch is around 8,500 acres; that’s a big chunk to manage. It’s a safe bet that when you show up, Captain Arnold will have spent hours upon hours getting ready for your hunt. Over the course of the last year he ran over, 3,875 dove hunters on successful hunts. This does not include of the whitetail hunts, turkey hunts, hog hunts and anything else he hunts. So no matter whether you’re looking for great hunting or fishing, South Texas Elite Outfitters can hook you up on your trip. With our years of experience your trip, is guaranteed to be a success!

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Arnold LaCount

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