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Chasing Tails

What we thought was going to be just another casual, cold day out on the Laguna Madre, quickly turned into one of the most memorable experiences with Captain Manny Trevino of Texas Slam Fishing Charters where Fishing is life.
It was an unusually early Morning starting at 4:00 am. The boat is fueled and ready to go. Here comes Capt Manny with the weapon of the day, Ballyhoo. Those fish have no idea that we are coming, locked and loaded, ready to mess up their day. We arrived at the dock early, about 5:30 am give or take, and we hastily launched the trusty Shallow Stalker 20RC into the cold water. We decided to make the day more unusual by choosing to head north instead of south like we normally do on any given day.

Right as the sun is beginning to peek we arrive at our battlegrounds for the day. Soon after baiting our hooks, we were in the water with our first baits. It had not been ten minutes, my rod quickly turns from Line to an arc… Fish On! It was a monster of a hit to the bait and hit that immediately had my adrenaline flowing. After the battle was won, there I held a beautiful 31-inch drum in my hands. It is the best feeling ever. After a few pics and admiring of the catch, we reset the lines and launched them back out for the next battle. 15 minutes later, boom, another hit to the line, a 25-inch Red drum, a keeper. The day is turning out to be a successful day on the water.

After a while, the action began to slow down as it always does. Of course, as any sportsman, any average sportsman, I keep true to nature… I fall asleep waiting for the next monster hit. Boom, out of nowhere, a monster hit, or at least it felt that way. Maybe it felt that way because I was sleeping, cause when I reeled it in, Manny and a Small Rat Red laughed at me. Those are good times.

Unfortualnety soon after our day was cut short by the sound of the low oil beep chiming from the console. It was time to head home with a full dose of vitamin D and fish for Dinner. Overall, it was a great day out on the water with Capt Manny, living the outdoor life. I will be back out on the water soon with Texas Slam Fishing Charters. I surely recommend booking a trip with him as long as you believe that fishing is life.

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