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Hunting on Somebody’s Property

It’s 3AM in the morning, it’s Saturday, I am awakened to the sound of my dad walking into my room. The light is on, it’s bright, my eyes are squinting as I stand and walk in a daze. I hear his voice utter the words “get dressed, we are going hunting”. Oblivious to the situation I do as he asked, grabbing my clothes off the chair moving slowly as my eyes adjust to the light. He walks in and asks if I’m ready, I am. We walk out to the truck and I climb in, still tired, still sleepy. The door closes, it’s silent. All that is heard are my thoughts, my confusion, I still have no idea what is happening. The silence is broken when my dad opens his door and climbs in. We back out of the driveway and begin driving down the road. I begin to doze off looking out the window at the passing lights in the darkness. Where are we going, I ask my dad? He mentions we are going to my uncle’s house so we can go hunting with him. I’ve never been hunting before so I didn’t’ know what to expect. The next question I ask was important, it would be something that I would remember and carry with me as grow older. Where are we hunting, I ask. He says… “I don’t know mijo, but we are going to be hunting on somebody’s property”.

The name is Nate Aka Austin Rez. It’s been over 23 years since I experienced my first hunting trip and now at the age of 33, the outdoors is my passion. Hunting, fishing, off-roading, etc. All of these pastimes have become a part of who I am as a person and I see no end in sight. On my off time, I work a normal 8 -5 Monday – Friday job, bringing in the money that I need for my real focus, the outdoors. To this day, I have hunted on a location and permission basis, like many I am the average sportsman. Land, time, and money does not flow as easily as many sportsmen see on TV and social media. Places to hunt are scarce but through connections, friends, farmers, ranchers, and TPWD (Texas Parks and Wildlife Department) public lands, I, like many, am able to experience the great outdoors with friends and family. All hunters alike dream of harvesting the biggest buck, largest fish, the most exotic animal of their life, just as I do. However, we all must not forget the journey to that dream, the family and friends, the experience, the wins and losses, all of which make being an average sportsman amazing. So the next time you are in the blind with your father, your mother, your daughter, your son, or just the front door neighbor, remember that the memories made will be just as grand as the world-class buck hiding in the brush, waiting for you to doze off in your chair. Yes, it happens to all of us.

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