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Nothing beats the last day of Buck season, anxiously sitting and waiting for a buck to cross my sendero, after hunting hard all season, and still, nothing has yet crossed my path. It has been a season of big does and small bucks… javelinas and hogs… turkeys and the ever so annoying trash panda stealing my corn. Yet sitting in the blind, taking in the final day, is what peace is to me.

The day was a little different than most, had a buddy call me asking if he could accompany me on my hunt for a doe. It would also seem that nothing had crossed his path all season either and he was looking to end his season with some meat in the freezer. I agreed, knowing that he would more than likely be harvesting a doe that day. Ethier way I would enjoy the day whether a deer is harvested or not.

It’s early morning, I had just dropped off my buddy at a blind that was known does. I message him to give me a call when he has taken his shot at a doe in case I doze off in the blind. Let’s be honest, falling asleep in the blind is common amongst hunters. Of course, I would hear the report of his shot but still, I would wait patiently until he confirmed Doe Down. I’m all set up in the blind and it’s dead silent. A few hours pass by and the corn still sits untouched by anything bigger than the fat rabbit that’s been munching on my corn all season. With time running down for the normal morning hunt, I decided to sit back in my chair and relax. One thought began crossing my mind, why haven’t I heard the report of a doe being harvested. Guess the last day of the season will turn out to be a bust. Sitting deep in my thoughts I turn and look out the window and to my surprise I see something walking in the middle of the sendero. It’s late morning, 10:40am to be exact, and I gaze upon a Mature 9 pointer, 88 yards away walking to the untouched corn, right smack in the middle of the sendero. I reach over to grab my rifle, careful to not make a sound. It’s the last day of a long season with no action until now, this Is not the time to make a mistake. Seconds later, the buck is in the Sight Mark crosshairs, centered right behind the shoulder… inhale exhale… boom! The Ruger American Rifle cracks, letting the 6.5 Creedmoor round fly on target. Seconds later, a mature buck is laying in the center of the sendero. My buddy calls me hastily asking If I had shot, and all I had to say was buck down… buck down. Patience had finally paid off for me and I knew that persistence would lead to success eventually.

It’s interesting how it all plays out. Waiting all season, just for it to come down to the last day. If I had chosen to not come out, to not sit in the blind, I would not have been able to harvest “Buzzer Beater”. And if you’re still wondering, I think my buddy is still waiting for a doe to cross his path to this day.

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